Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's a ....

It's such a wonderful thing being able to see inside of a tummy and see the growth of our child. Madison was absolutely in awe of what she was able to see. We took her with, the whole week before she kept making sure that she didn't miss the doctors appointment that would allow her to see either her brother or sister.
The best part was listening to her gasps of excitement as she saw for the first time her sibling.  It was a great experience that I don't think that she will ever forget. The technician was great with her as well. Anytime Madison had a question of what an image was, or what a color was, she explained it to her which Madison loved as well.
Shortly towards the end, the tech asked Madison what she thought the baby was and Madison got it right. She is having a baby brother!
James was just super excited that the baby was healthy and growing just as planned and so was I. It was also nice for them to see just how much of a mover this little one is. They knwe he was moving around from feeling him every now and then and me telling them I felt him all the time. But for them to see him go from being straight up and down, sideways  to completely upside down in a matter of an hour was proof that he is our little active man. We can't wait to meet him in October.

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Janice said...

fun times! I loved being pregnant and feeling and seeing those things:) congrats and enjoy!