Thursday, September 8, 2011


Stellwagen family reunion was in August. The first picture is of some of the first generation of cousins and the second is the 2nd generation. Pretty cool. And when thinking of all those that still weren't there it is shocking to think of how large of a cousin group we are.

Madison turned 7 this month. Can't believe just how fast time went by! She went for a super hero theme which was fun and enjoyed some time with friends and family at home. It was a nice day and not too hot, which was a nice change.

My grandma also hosted my baby shower this month for our little man on the way. Can't believe in a few short weeks he will be joining our family!

Madison and James are still just as busy spending time together working on projects, whether it be on the house, crafts or his truck. :) She sure does love her Daddy.

We are now into the start of the school year and soccer. I have an online class I am taking. PTA vice president and anxiously awaiting for our little boy to come. Although I am not in any hurry. Mid October works great for me :) James is busy with work. Got his jobs lined up and will be taking a week off when our boy comes. He's already got planned out what he will be doing around the house while hes off. Although I think he will be cutting his list short and spending lots of time with the new one before returning to work. Madison is busy with school and soccer. She enjoyed her swim lessons which ended when school started and is very excited for her little brother to come and join us.
I know its quick and short, but what can I say, we are busy busy people.

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Crystal, Sterling and the Kids said...

You guys look great! Please let me know if you need any help getting things ready for the little man.