Thursday, September 29, 2011

Less Than 2 Weeks!!

It's getting closer here! We are under the two week mark. I have prepared a few meals for the freezer, a couple more tomorrow. Hospital bags are packed. Madison's bags are packed. We actually went out on a last girls night tonight for dinner and shopping afterwards. Its was nothing fancy, but still some time with just the two of us, since who knows once this little boy is born how long it will be before it happens again. She enjoyed herself, which is all that mattered. :)
I had James install the car seat the other day, so now all that's left is waiting and making sure we have a plan for where Madison and our dog, Mac go during the labor portion and the 24hrs afterwards. We have a small tentative plan, but are still working on getting it a little more set in stone.
Had a doctors appointment today and everything is looking great. He is head down and faced the correct way. This to me is the greatest relief. Unlike his sister who was laying sideways even after my water broke. Then when we did get her head down, faced the wrong direction giving me horrible back labor pains. I am hoping this labor is a lot easier and quicker considering he is being a good little boy and at least for now in the correct position. But only time will tell.

Its hard these last few days, because I keep thinking I have tons I still need to do, still need to get, and there isn't. The only thing I haven't got to yet, is the dusting of the house. Which is a fulls day job in it self. I have noticed cobwebs everywhere and shelves that always need done. But when you have lived in a house for over a year and half and haven't dusted corners/ceilings, there is going to be some things that need taken care of. The shelves, well no matter how often I dust, there is always some there. Those at least usually get done once every two weeks. But the last few times I have been out of pledge and have just been using my microfiber cloth, which is awesome but doesn't hold the dust back long.

But we are super excited for the upcoming arrival of our little boy. Name is still not chosen, but we have a few options. The name won't be chosen until his arrival. That way we can make sure the name fits him.

But in the mean time I have PTA, house work, animals to keep company and Madison to keep me entertained and busy while I wait.

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Crystal, Sterling and the Kids said...

I'm so excited for when little Mr. Stone gets here! I'm looking forward to meeting him. Hope you are feeling ok, I know that last weeks are hard.