Tuesday, November 22, 2011


October was a fun month. We of course had Eli join us in the beginning which meant lots of new fun, Adjusting to sleep cycles of a newborn and hormone changes in me. Which luckily weren't to abd until about week three when I seemed ot have surges. I had the same thign with Madison at around week three. But then things leveled out and have been good. Madison finished her second season of soccer with Team Galaxy. It was great watching the improvemnent this year. We had passing, defense and offense. It was better then the whole group running together in a circle afraidto get he ball from the other girl who had it. I can't wait to see how they do next year. We even get a couple new players next year on the team as they get older. :)
Madison is an awesome big sister. She even reads to her brother as part of her homework. And loves to hang out with him. Which during the first weeks was a bit much for me. She always wanted to hold him and be with him, although we still had school and homework that had to be done first. This concept did not sit well with her. She did not like that she had to do her normal stuff as well. Even tried the "I have to get to know him and spend time with him" excuse. Loved it, but....

 When anyone uses the vacuum Madison has always put headphones on, because it is to loud and hurts her ears. So when she was asked to vacuum she went and got her headphones and put some on Eli as well. She didn't want his ears to hurt either. Big sister was looking out for little man already.
 She loves to hold him and walk him around. She is great about when her arms are getting tired to either put him down or give him to some one before anything happens.
 This little man loves his Daddy. Almost too much. After a weekend, Mondays are horrid on me. Eli is fussy, cranky and crying most of the day because he can't figure out where Daddy went. TO the point where yesterday, James gets home from work, Eli is fussing still, James walks over says hi and instant smiles and not little ones either, starts cooing and almost laughing because he is so excited that Daddy is home. So every morning when James gets ready ofr work Eli is up spending a few minutes with Daddy before he leaves. as James said last night, It makes him feel good to know he is missed and loved so much already, althoguh he undestands its not easy on me :)
 I walked away for a minute after setting Eli on the floor for some tummy time and I thought it was wierd I didn't hear him screaming ot making any noises. (he really does not like tummy time) and come around the corner and big sister had come to him rescue and picked him up and was holding him while working on her computer. Although this was a great big sister moment, I had to explain that although he doesn't like it, he still has to do tummy time to build up some muscles.
 Our happy family of four.Two boy, Two girls and a dog and cat. Life is good.
 They don't look anything a like, now do they ;) hehe
 Although the flas is way over exposing and I can't seem to fix the picture, I still love this moment that Madison caught on camera.

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