Monday, October 24, 2011

He has arrived!

Eli Maxwell Stone
8lbs. 13oz

Our little man came quick once he was ready. We were at the hospital for an hour before he came in the world. Barely had time to get an IV line in and no meds either. It was an incredible adventure and I loved being able to experience the whole thing without a fog from pain killers. Although doesn't mean I didn't ask for them :) But Eli had other plans and after an only 2 hours of active labor, he joined us.

I had been having some contractions since 2 am, but they were pretty mild and only every 30 minutes to one hour apart. Slowed way down during the day and weren't bothersome. Then about 2pm started to come back in play and they were enough that I called the doctor to let them know I probably would be coming in in the next few hours but the contractions were still 10-15 minutes apart.

I called my mom and in that time I asked her to come over to get Madison. Within the 30 minutes or so it took them to get to the house, the contractions went to a few minutes apart. On the way down to the hospital they became super strong and literally minutes apart. I got checked in and was at 6 cm. While they were finishing getting my room prepped my labor continued. By the time I got into my room I was at 9.5 cm and was told to push. Thinking he would have to drop a little bit. Nope. The doctor had to tell me to stop pushing, because she saw the head after one push. which let me tell you was not an easy task once I was ready to go. That way she could finish getting ready to be able to catch him. 3 pushes later, one for the head and 2 for the body, Eli came flying out. SO quick in fact it caused bruising on his face and head, which later caused us to have to spend an additional night at the hospital, before we could be cleared to go home. James was my rock. He reminded me to breath deep and relax as much as I could between the contractions. Also reminding me I wanted a natural birth to be able to experience and remember the whole thing.

The whole thing happened so fast our car never got moved to a parking space until 45/50 minutes after he was born. So our parents and Maddie got the call of his arrival as he was parking the car. :)

I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Because of the bruising and extra red blood cells being active due to it, we ended up having to stay an additional night so Eli could spend 9 hours under the bili light to reduce the jaundice and bilirubin counts. Getting the old red blood cells out of the body and not making the liver have to work over drive. But luckily after one night he was cleared and in the low risk range and we were able to go home. :) Good thing to because he really hated not being able to see and being wrapped in the bili blanket.

Now we are adjusting to being home. Getting our feeding down and getting acquainted with each other. We however will be going shopping in the next day or so because even though he is over 8lbs he needs the newborn size clothes which I had about 4 things of, and they are big on him. :) Madison is adjusting well and is loving ever minute she gets to spend with him. Although she is having a hard under standing why I am still so sleepy, the whole pushing out a baby, now making food for the baby, and lack of sleep while taking care of baby, hasn't really set in. But that is all for now, time for feeding the baby.

Looking back I realized that my water had broken here at home. I had been going back and forth to the bathroom after contractions to empty my bladder. And one time I Remember thinking that was a lot considering I just emptied my bladder a minute ago and awful clear. It wasn’t until a couple days later I realized this is probably when my water broke, considering I arrived at the hospital with no water left and were trying to figure it out. J When your mind is consumed with other thoughts, this little thing got over looked. But in the end everything was good and we have a super wonderful little man that we are loving and enjoying.

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Crystal, Sterling and the Kids said...

He is a cutie! Makes Madison look so much more grown up now.
We need to see you guys again soon. I'll send an email about Halloween.