Thursday, January 5, 2012


Lots of fun this month. Eli has started to take to playing and showing an interest in his toys and at the end of the month has become quite the wiggler. He is also getting a pretty strong core and will be sitting up on his own sooner then later.
Madison had her vocal concert this month as well. It is a lot of fun listening to them all sing and how excited they get about their songs. Especially one that they worked on and wrote the words to themselves.
The beginning of the month our niece Bella turned 4, Crazy how fast the time goes by. We celebrated with her and other family and friends at Big Al's Bowling. Madison got really good. She even got a strike once and a a few spares. We better watch out, she will soon be beating us, no problem.
Then break started and we had lots of fun hanging out together as a family. Watching Christmas movies, playing games and just being together.
Christmas was lots of fun too. Christmas eve with my family, Christmas morning with James' dad at our place, followed by his sisters and mom. Then we went and had dinner at Grandma's. Lots of fun times. The kids got spoiled too! Next year will be fun for Eli. He slept through most of this years. Madison loved her toys and got the one thing she asked for, a guitar and plenty more too. :D

Playing with his toys
Bella turns 4!

Singing at her concert
2 months old

Bowling her strike
Hanging out as a family

Madison and her pink guitar
Our kids Christmas morning
Eli looking at Daddy and his present
Our family Dec 18, 2011
Getting so big already

Christmas 2011
Check out his cool hat from Tracy and Mat
Playing tractors with Daddy

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Crystal, Sterling and the Kids said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! The card was very cute BTW.