Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick while he's napping! :)

4 months old

These three get lots of play time together

Crazy just how much this girl has grown!

This dog toy is his favorite. Was screaming in the store, spotted it and stopped. Loves it!
You like my previous couple of posts? hehe But when I get codes or asked by the companies to do posts and get free stuff, like 50 Christmas cards, $10 off a purchase and 50 free Valentines cards, this Mom on a budget does it. :)
However we have been busy busy here. Just trying to keep up with life and each other. Eli turned 4 months yesterday. Had his check up today and is 14lbs 9 oz! Gotta love it.He is also 24.75 long. SO 50% for everything.
Madison also had a check up today. 63lbs and 4'3", this girl is on the 80%for height and weight but averages out to 70 with the combo of the two! My kids sure keep me busy. You should check out the mess of a room that Madison has. Maybe I will try and post one later. but ... life just might happen. There are boxes everywhere in there. I had enough of the mess, grabbed  4 boxes and we are de-cluttering for a garage sale this summer. If shes' not going to respect it or take care of it, use it or put it away, its disappearing.
We finally choose a paint color for Eli's room. But first we have to remove all the trim and moulding pieces, prime the walls and then paint. Put on new trim and the blinds we got and this kid just might get into his won room by his 1st birthday. Lets be real, we don't move to fast and right now with the whole nursing and only being 4 months, I'm not in to much of a hurry anyways. And he is doing just fine in his bassinet right now. (until he can pull himself up that is)
Any ways I hear a rattle moving, which means little buddy has woke up. Back to real life.

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Crystal, Sterling and the Kids said...

What a cutie, I can't believe its been 4 months already. We really need to come out and see you guys. I love Eli's dimples by the way.