Thursday, March 29, 2012

March in a Hurry

We have been busy this last month. Eli has learned to sit up on his own which was lots of fun. Has begun to crawl backwards. The other day he figured out rolling from his back to his stomach and then moving back wards to get places. He is still frustrated with the going backwards since he is really trying to go forwards. I however will take the going backwards for awhile. Its slower and once he gets going this kid is going to keep me on my toes. Already is with just the sitting and backwards movements.

Madison completed a mini basketball camp and league. It was different. She still isn't so sure about the sport. But it got her out and moving around. Which is better then sitting at home and watching tv. These camp and games were all on Saturdays.
One of the games was at LaCenter Elementary. Walking on to that campus brought back memories. But not a whole lot, it doesn't look much like to did when I attended there. But Madison thought it was pretty cool to see where Mommy and her Aunts went to school when we were her age.

These two have their moments. But most of the time, they love each other. Eli has become aware of the time when its time to get Madison from school. He will dive out of your arms to get to his sissy when she gets home from school.
The other night we were at JJ Jump for a birthday party. Eli was watching the kids and started calling for Mmm.. Mmmm.. Mmmm... Over and over and looking around. H spotted Madison and called Mmmm again and tried to dive for her. He wanted MmmAdison to take him along and play. He wasn't to happy when she handed him back and went along playing.
We got a little bit of snow here. Not to much. One snow day, one late start and even snow on my birthday! What a year this weather. Ahh, Spring where are you? Oh that's right, I live in the NW. This is a normal beginning of spring.
By bulbs are starting to pop. I'm excited for the bright colors of my flowers and tulips that will be coming.
This little man gets upset at dinner time. He wants our food. So on occasion he will eat a few spoons of baby food. But he still not all into it. He is more independent and likes to eat  a Mum Mum cracker (basically rice cereal in a solid form). Melts in his mouth when it meets the saliva. Safe for beginning eaters who can't chew yet and haven't figured it out. But he does get to do it on his own.
Pretty soon we will be doing more regular feeding of food besides nursing, but he hasn't shown the interest too much and is still getting plenty of food so.... Time will tell.

Wedding season is coming to our family. James' long time friend Jason is getting married in May. James is one of the groomsmen. June is little sister Rebecca and Kyle's wedding. We finish of July with Felicia and Kyle's wedding.  Yes you read that right. Two new brother in laws, Both Kyles. Madison thinks its pretty cool. By the end of summer not only will she have two new uncles, but two new Uncle Kyles. Here's the kicker. Both are Kyle P's. It always fun when filling out Christmas presents. They on tags have become Kyle-flea or Kyle-Becca just to make sure the presents reach to correct person.

Anyways I got a gazillion things to do and this post is nowhere the way it should be but I choose a couple pictures and that is the update you received. :)

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Crystal, Sterling and the Kids said...

The kids look great. We have been missing you guys, but we have also been super busy. Sterling was supposed to tell James some news when he saw him last, but Sterling forgot.
Anyways, maybe we can do a diner sometime.