Friday, August 9, 2013

Life is miraculous! God is gracious. These are facts that sometimes I forget and need to remember. There are times when I am up for the third time trying to get my coddler almost 2 year old back into his own bed once again. But then I remember these years wont last forever.
When my almost nine year old daughter comes in the middle of night to ask if she can climb into bed and cuddle with us because she had a bad dream and my first thought after just having put her brother back to bed for third time that night is, really? Can it get a break? But I quickly push that out of my head and move over to allow her spare and cuddle her close and her breathing becomes relaxed and she whispers, it was really scary dream. After on hour or so and she is getting uncomfortable asking if I can help her make a bed on my floor instead of going back to her room. I gladly roll out of bed and pull the spare pillow off the night stand and comforter from under my bed. These years will quickly pass to.
Once again frustrated with the mess of toys and laundry in the house, I am about to reach my breaking point. When once again I remember to breath and see that joy that these things mean. We are in a stable loving home that is able to provide my kids and family with toys to use their imagination and nourish their brains. That we have clothes that will keep them warm and that in short time with have out grown and moved to a different stage in life. Remember that board on the wall, where my son has grown three inches in three months? Time goes by quickly. Embrace that play, embrace the mess and enjoy it with them.
The house doesn't have to be prestine and clean all the time. Well enough that no one will get sick, that food can be cooked and that cuddles can be given. I would rather have a house that is lived in, than one you are afraid to touch anything in.
The rest will have to wait- once again my kids are calling me and they take priority- ;)

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