Friday, October 25, 2013


Some times being a stay at home is the most rewarding job in the world. Other times, I could really wish to be working. I know those that don't have the opportunity to choose might get upset by that. But when I look at my life and have worked a whole one year of my life not counting babysitting and student teaching, I wonder how life would be out in the work force. Using my degree.
But then I look at the wonderful opportunity I have had being able to stay home and raise my kids and am so grateful
I get to be house keeper, ultimate wife, best friend to my kids preschool teacher, homework tutor, sports runner, school helper, nurse and so much more.
Its nights like last night that being around kids for the past nine years makes it apparent that I'm not that great with adult conversation Yes I can talk with my friends, whom I have known for years.
I have a few new ones I have made with volunteering at school. But want to know how many I call on a regular basis.... about one maybe two. I just don't know what to do.
Get me talking about my kids, about teaching and I'm good to go. Outside of that I'm kind a let down. What's your favorite movie? Did you see that show last night? What about a fun party memory in your college years?
Well, I can come up with a movie, nothing recent though. Show, our conservative frugal budget doesn't allow room for tv, not that we would have time for it. We stick with Netflix and hulu.  College years I was taking night classes and by day, I would study and was taking care of and raising an infant. I didn't do study groups, I didn't go out and have a drink with some one, I didn't get involved in extra activities at the college. We were strapped for cash and would require extra babysitting that we couldn't afford. Would I change anything? Maybe a few things but not really. I love being a mom.
I love that I get to be with my kids. They are my rocks. I would do anything for them. I am blessed with the fact that with the grace of God and an amazing hard working husband I have been blessed to stay home with my kids.
Although I might have my moments, I really do love it and really I'm not that bad with adults, I just am not around others that much except for in passing. Ehh... I think that should be a goal of mine. Maybe some new friends, strengthen some current friendships and get moving. :)

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