Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas season

This christmas season has been one of my favorites in many years. I think one part is it the first year in along time that I am not worried about James getting laid off for the winter months. Less stress there. Madison is old enough to do some of the bigger christmas projects with me. Eli is in love with the christmas season. When one of our neighbors put up their lights a couple days before thanksgiving, his little eyes lit up and he said wow and was captivated by it. Now that here is more lights up and we. Have ours up the kids is in heaven. Each morning he gets up and asks to turn the lights on the tree. Love it. We have seen Santa a mixture of three times now. I took the kids to the mall so they can see Santa and Eli was so excited he could almost not wait his turn. Went right up to him climbed on his lap and started talking away. The  the next time we saw Santa, we were at he depot. Eli did his first work shop with grandpa Dan. Santa was me there for the kids to see and get a picture with. Eli spotted him and ran over and showed Santa his plane that he made and was talking to him. 
The last time we were getting our christmas tree. The tree farm had Santa as well.  Eli was super excited. This one even gave a little treat bag. 
Getting our christmas tree was very special this year. We went to a tree farm. But there 
Was also snow on the ground. Yeah. So the kids got to run around the trees searching and playing while we were there. This is my favorite tree so far to date. It just fits so well. Great shape. New place I the one and all but my glass ornaments fit on the tree and it's not overwhelmed by too many either. Love it. 
Eli loves learning about Jesus and the manager. I have my small nativity set , but also have a magnetic one that is on our fridge. There he likes to  move the pieces around and say the names. Love it! 
Madison has been busy making christmas decorations this years nd planning out her gift making plans. Not to mention school and getting ready for basketball season. 
Tis the season . 

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