Friday, October 25, 2013

Worth the Wait

Today I reflect on the beginning of a great journey.
After having no boyfriends in school, which at the time seemed really sucky. Although in my mind and even told to my best friend that the first boy I dated would be my husband some day. I just had that gut feeling. Come my junior year of high school I met James. He was great. Different. We danced at the schools homecoming dance. I came alone, He came with a friend/date. We ended up dancing basically all night together. left thinking hmm... He's pretty cool. Talked for the next few weeks between classes and at lunch.
I remember the day that he asked me out. I just had this feeling. My Dad was driving me to the school before I had to leave for a football play off game and asking him how he would feel about me going out with an 18 year old? I was only 16. His response was, well it would depend on the boy, but would probably be ok. Good to know. Went to the game. Came back to the school and called for  a ride from my parents. While waiting, another football player came out of the locker room and told me that James was looking for me..... Heart skips a beat. I find him and he asks if I would like a ride home. Call back home, and get it okayed. While we were waiting for his truck to warm up before leaving ( it was November after all). He asked! Asked if I would go out on a date with him some time. Asked if I would be his girlfriend. I said yes. I really liked him. I had already talked to my Dad. I didn't want him to be dating any one else while we were dating so yes girlfriend status or nothing.  :)
It was the start of a great relationship. My first, and to this day my only! Some how way back in middle school when I prayed to God asking how come the boys didn't like me, but liked  all my friends, I had gotten the answer just you wait. One day he will come. He will be the one. It was worth it. Doesn't mean that we didn't have our rocky points. Doesn't mean that I ever thought in the beginning that it would last forever. How many first relationships do? Doesn't mean that I didn't have other crushes. Doesn't mean I didn't contemplate dating others. But in the end, somewhere  deep down the answer  I got when in middle school was right. My first will be my only. And he was definitely worth the wait!
Its been almost 11 years since the night James first asked me out. We now have two beautiful kids, I married my high school sweetheart, supported through his career, my masters degree, bought our first house and enjoy getting to know each other and going through life together. I thank God for him quite often. It was definitely worth the wait.

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