Friday, March 21, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

For Vicky and mine 22nd birthday, we went to Studi0 704. There we spent most of the night actually playing pool and just hanging out have a girls night out. Was a good time and was relaxing. Granted didn't get to bed until after 4am and was up by about 6:45. So not a lot of sleep but was worth it. Just need to get James to come out with me sometime. Althought that will take quite a bit of convincing to do! :)

Thats just me

March birthdays, Vicky 22, Aunt Jaime 28 and Me 22

My Auntie Jaime and I

our attempt to dance at 3 in the morning HAHA

Vicky, Cassandra and Kristin, Girls night

I got bored at one point! And used the pool chalk

Playing pool , first time since 16 bday party

At home on my actual birthday I took finals and hung out and home. James did bring me dinner home so I didn't have to cook, although I spent a good chunk of the day makeing my cake! Carrot cake from scratch! Yummy! :)

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