Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today as I sit here, sick and coughing, I am blessed to think about my little family of mine. My husband called me a little while ago, just to see if I was feeling any better. He has been worried about me. My daughter this morning told me that I should go home after I dropped her off at school and rest so that when its time for me to go and get her and come back home that she can read to me and we can take it easy. Which of course includes a bike ride to the park and to the library after lunch. "Cuz Mom fresh air is good for you. It will make you feel better." All with her beautiful blue eyes filled with concern looking at me.
Yesterday as I was listening to the radio in the car an old song by N'Sync came on and it made me smile. One for how crazy obsessed as young girls we were with this group and two, for one line in the song that has always stuck in my mind. "God must have spent a little more time on you." I know this song is suppose to me about the girl that he finds that he loves so much. I however, think of my little princess and how special she is to me and how my life has changed for the better ever since I was blessed to become her Mommy. Times have been rough at times, but sometime there is a bigger picture out there and you never know just what is in plan for you. Take it as it comes.
I remember when I was pregnant with Madison, laying in bed at night crying, and I prayed a very simple prayer, "Please don't give me anything that You don't think that I can handle." The next morning I just felt better about the whole situation and was able to start to move forward and look towards a future with my little baby in my arms, raising and guiding them through life. In the end all that matters in life is how we live it and the example that we leave behind for the next generation to follow. If I leave behind a love for family and friends, for generosity, compassion and the acceptance of all living creatures and beings then I will be happy. Time will tell.
Now off the change bedding before I have to hit to road to go pick up my little blessing from school. Love to you all.

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Hollinger Family said...

A priceless reality, and the real beauty comes in knowing it ;^)
to enjoy the small, overlooked moments is to embrace life at its fullest.
Thanks for sharing!